Exhibition shows impact seen YouTube

Exhibition shows impact seen YouTube

Tech October 6, 2016 15:18

- Today it is no longer indispensable: watching videos on YouTube is very popular. Reason for Sound and Vision in Hilversum to make an exhibition about the largest online video platform in the world. It is the first time that this happens, says museum director Ineke afternoon. 'The people behind YouTube were surprised that the museum wanted to come up with an exhibition. ''

Afternoon at the same time realized also how insanely big the platform. 'That is almost beyond comprehension. '' The museum has therefore opted for the Dutch angle and changes the display each month theme. The institute starts with' Your Life, 'about vlogging and sharing your life on YouTube.

YouTubers famous homegrown as Giovanni (Gio), Melanie (Melanie La) and their parents Louise and Marcel Latooy (The Latooys) have as guest curator selected the best YouTube videos and come along for meet and greets with the visitors. Later also games, beauty, music and journalism dealt with every month other ambassadors who present their online world to the visitors.

Let's YouTube, as the exhibition is called, is a family show. How YouTube came about and how the media landscape has changed over the past decade, are topics that are discussed. Watching videos is everywhere nowadays. 'And everyone who want to make a video and want to show on YouTube to the rest of the world can do that with his cell phone, '' said Noon. At Sound and Vision visitors can also work on improving their 'YouTube talent, '' says the director. During the exhibition, you can create a video that can be seen on a big screen and there are masterclasses.

YouTube began in 2005 with a choppy video of one of the founders in a zoo. Meanwhile, it is a place where professional creators place their content and young vloggers with its own channel grew into idols.

Let's see YouTube from Friday until July 9th.

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