Ex-dictator Meza of Bolivia died

Ex-dictator Meza of Bolivia died

World April 29, 2018 18:57

la paz - The former Bolivian dictator Luis García Meza died at the age of 88. The general died of the consequences of a heart attack.

Meza came to power through a coup d'état. He was the leader of the country from July 1980 to August 1981 and left political opponents and activists behind in that relatively short period of time. He was also accused of being active in the drug trade.

Shortly after his resignation in 1981, the military dictatorship in Bolivia vanished from the scene. Meza got thirty years in prison in 1993. He was arrested in Brazil a year later.

A court in Italy sentenced him in absentia to lifelong in 2017 for his participation in the Condor operation. In it, military dictatorships in South America worked together to prosecute opposition leaders.

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