'EU sets privacy citizens sufficiently safe'

'EU sets privacy citizens sufficiently safe'

Tech July 13, 2016 08:30

amsterdam - The European Union does too little to make personal data of citizens and the right to privacy secure in its trade agreements. Conclude researchers from the University of Amsterdam in a study whose results were published Wednesday.

In the 'next generation' trade, according to the researchers still allowed more unlimited data transfer, including personal data between countries. Increasingly, personal data are processed digitally. The rules on how to protect these differences, however, widely from country to country, state in the study.

Having regard to both the European and international law, the researchers conclude that the EU should take measures to better protect the privacy of its citizens. Special attention should be taken to avoid the legal position of citizens is weakened in trade.
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According to the European umbrella organization of consumer organizations BEUC, one of the principals of the investigation, it is unacceptable that EU rules on privacy can be challenged through trade policy. BEUC receives therein include support from the Center for Digital Democracy (CDD) and European Digital Rights (EDRi).

One of the trade agreements mentioned in the study is the TTIP treaty between the EU and the United States. According to CDD has Europe in a treaty,, Trojan horse 'inside, where tech giants like Google and Facebook will skillfully circumvent the rules on personal data of citizens. The organization calls the study a wake-up call for policy makers.

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