EU parliament holds half of Farage's salary

World January 12, 2018 16:45

brussels - The European Parliament immediately holds half of the monthly salary of the British brexit champion Nigel Farage. The former leader of the anti-EU party UKIP has received 40,000 euros for a European parliamentary assistant who in reality works in Great Britain for UKIP's national agency.

Farage denies the accusation that he has tampered with European tax money. However, according to a spokesperson for the parliament, he can not prove in any way that Adams did EU work for Farage.

Because Farage does not repay the claim, the parliament has decided to withhold half the gross monthly salary of 8,484 euros per month until the debt has been settled.

Farage has been in the EU parliament for eighteen years, but is often absent. According to the VoteWatch organization, there are only three parliamentarians from the 751 who come even less often than they do at the sessions in Straatburg and Brussels.

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