EU: Mobile may hotspot

EU: Mobile may hotspot

Tech August 31, 2016 09:54


Rob Goossens

Brussels Telecom operators may prohibit customers to use mobile data to the Internet via a computer. European regulator BEREC wants Europe-wide action is taken against restrictions on that front.
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BEREC yesterday published a few minor changes in the regulation of net neutrality. Commenting goes to the 480. 000 complaints and suggestions from businesses, organizations and consumers.

One of the main issues was dealing with 'tethering, using a phone to other devices to access (mobile) internet. Telecom operators want to act against it.

They argue that one customer at a time not by one but by multiple devices connected to the Internet. The regulator shows, however, are not sensitive to that argument, and warns telecom providers that 'probably' is contrary to the new directive.

A spokesman for the Dutch regulator ACM is less ambiguous. She tells us: 'We see few opportunities to interpret this other than that the [limiting tethering] is contrary to the regulation. '

Since the last round of changes have been made, the Regulation will be approved soon. For the Netherlands, nothing changes. Even in areas where The Hague is stricter than Brussels, continues the old legislation in force.

The Netherlands has a ban on tariff differentiation. This applies both to the more expensive making certain applications, such as video apps, as giving away free.

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