EU court puts line by sale 'soy milk'

EU court puts line by sale 'soy milk'

World June 14, 2017 10:51

luxembourg - Soy milk, tofu butter or vegakaas may not be sold under that name. Pure vegetable products may not, in principle, be put on the market with words like milk, cream, butter, cheese or yogurt on the label.

According to European law, such names are intended solely for products of animal origin, the European Court of Justice ruled on Wednesday.

In Germany a case was brought against TofuTown, which produces vegetarian and vegan products with words like butter and cheese in the name, such as 'Tofubutter', 'Pflanzenkäse'. A judge in Trier had the EU court to explain the rules.

Although the company names the products from which the vegetable origin is found, the EU court judges that dairy products should not be contained therein. The judges, among other things, indicate 'confusion at the consumer', even if there is a clear text on the label.

There is a list of exceptions, including the French 'crème de riz'. Soya and tofoe are not listed.

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