EU countries fight for British spoils

EU countries fight for British spoils

World June 21, 2017 05:03

- Behind the scenes, 27 EU member states are fighting a robbery about the housing of two European agencies. They are still in London but have to leave the Brexit.

In particular, the resettlement of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which oversees the approval of medicines, creates heated debate. The Netherlands fears political merchandise instead of a scenario where the best candidate gets rid of the spoil. A list of criteria has been drawn up for the candidates, but the question is how heavily these criteria will be weighed.

Foreign Ministers did not rule out in Luxembourg on Tuesday. Especially between western and eastern European countries is a gaping gap where the Eastern Europeans find that they are subordinated to the housing of European institutions and countries as the Netherlands is hampering the continuity that is crucial to an institution such as the EEA and Which would be guaranteed by excellent business conditions.

The issue has been transferred to the Heads of Government who have raised the issue of Thursday evening on the agenda at the European summit in Brussels. They need to be aware of the question if they think they are going to take a fair decision. Only in October should a decision be taken at a next summit.

The question is whether there is no delay in the disagreement. A timely move is crucial because the United Kingdom left the EU on March 29, 2019 and moved out for a year and a half before moving.

The Netherlands, like some twenty other countries, has made a candidate. Amsterdam has been thrown in the offer for the EMA because of its proximity to Schiphol and its excellent facilities. Our country is apparently fearing the competitive bids of Copenhagen, Stockholm, Dublin, Milan and Barcelona.

In consultation with the European Commission, criteria have been set for which a bid must be met. One criterion, for example, is that EU agencies must be honestly distributed across the Member States. Eastern Europe, which hardly houses EU institutions, is building up here.

At the EEA, nearly nine hundred highly qualified people work. Every year, 65,000 visitors come across the floor and the EMA is also good for 30,000 hotel stays.

According to a diplomat, the issue of relocation of agencies is immediately a test for the EU, which closed the front after the Brexit towards the British so far. 'But now it's all over again. '

The EEA was earlier in the news due to the absence of a cancellation clause in the London lease contract. The rent goes on until 2039 and there is a price tag of almost 350 million euros.

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