EU and Iran consult on nuclear agreement

EU and Iran consult on nuclear agreement

World May 15, 2018 11:24

brussels - The EU is doing everything it can to save the nuclear deal with Iran. EU foreign chief Federica Mogherini received the Iranian minister Mohammad Zarif (Foreign Affairs) in Brussels on Tuesday morning for an initial interview since the United States of America signed the agreement. Zarif called it 'a constructive' consultation. He later meets his French, German and British colleagues.

The 2015 agreement must prevent Iran from secretly working on nuclear weapons. According to Mogherini, Iran keeps to the agreements, but Trump does not think they are going far enough. He announced on 8 May that he would draw a line through the deal and re-impose sanctions against the country. As a result, European companies that are active in Iran can also be threatened by US sanctions against them.

In addition to the EU, US, France, the United Kingdom and Germany, China and Russia also signed the so-called JCPOA deal.

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