EU Action Plan against terrorism

World October 18, 2017 12:00

brussels - In order to better protect civilians and cities from terrorist attacks, the European Commission launches an action plan to be formed over the next sixteen months. Brussels has more than 118 million euros extra free to stop attacks in public space, such as recently in Barcelona, ​​London and Stockholm.

The money is intended for (police) projects to make city residents less vulnerable, protecting travelers and better coordination of aid. Especially physical protection of crowded areas gets attention, thinking of sinkable wrecks, traffic measures and other 'innovative security solutions. 'The implementation is with the Member States.

The commission will set up a forum in which police experts exchange knowledge next month. At the end of this year, a similar platform for developers, such as shopping centers, cinemas and stadiums will be established. There will also be an EU network in November that will organize joint exercises on security risks. As mayors and other local authorities play a crucial role, the committee will organize meetings from early next year on better protection of public space.

In addition, Brussels proposes a better protection of the EU against chemical, biological and nuclear attacks. This makes it much more difficult for terrorists to make explosives at home. The EU is also helping Member States to investigate investigations stalled by encrypted communications. Meanwhile, a European intelligence unit is being used. '

The committee also wants Europol to exchange personal information with countries in North Africa and the Middle East to combat terrorism, asking for a mandate from the Member States to negotiate with those countries. 'Europeans demand that national governments and the EU tackle the risks firmly,' said Vice-President Frans Timmermans.

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