Erdogan demands stop Syrian attacks in Idlib

World January 11, 2018 18:54

ankara - Turkish President Erdogan called his Russian counterpart Putin and said that the Syrian government should stop its attacks in Idlib in the northwest and east of Damascus. Erdogan said that the process by which Russia, Iran and Turkey try to bring peace to Syria together is at risk if these attacks continue.

Russia is the mainstay of Syrian President Assad. Erdogan has always strived for the fall of Assad in the Syrian civil war, but in spite of this he and his associates Russia and Iran have joined forces to stabilize the region.

The three regional superpowers have agreed, among other things, that there is a de-escalation zone in the Syrian northeastern province of Idlib. That is, no attacks are performed. The region is mainly in the hands of jihadists who fight against Assad with support from Turkey and Arab Gulf states. Assad's troops have recently been attacked. Rebels have announced on Thursday that they have started a counterattack.

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