Erdogan can rule by decree

Erdogan can rule by decree

World July 21, 2016 08:57

- The state of emergency means, according to the Turkish Constitution which fundamental rights may be restricted or temporarily no longer apply. Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan can rule largely by decree.

Measures that can legally take the Erdogan government in this situation are:

- Setting curfew.
     Caught mistress will clap
     As the storm arrives
     Dafne threatened by Eastern Bloc Gangs

- Prohibition of passenger and freight traffic at certain times or in certain areas.

- Permission for security people frisk, search vehicles and homes and supporting evidence to confiscate.

- Closing certain latitudes and evacuation.

- Control of traffic on land, at sea and in the air.

- Appearance Prohibition newspapers, magazines and books; permission for publication.

- Check on all radio and television broadcasting, distribution of text, images and sound and, if necessary, restriction or prohibition.

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