Erdogan accuses Merkel now 'Nazi methods'

Erdogan accuses Merkel now 'Nazi methods'

World March 19, 2017 15:39

istanbul - The Turkish president Erdogan after Germany also Chancellor Angela Merkel personally using 'Nazi methods' faulted. He did that Sunday in a speech in Istanbul.

'You also uses Nazi methods,' he said to an imaginary Merkel. 'With whom? When my Turkish brothers and sisters in Germany, with my siblings ministers, my siblings delegates traveling there. '

In the speech, he again lashed out at Europe. There, according to Erdogan, 'the gas chambers and camps' will be another theme. 'But they do not dare,' he added,. Who he is clearly not meant by 'they'.

Erdogan was rather strong criticism when he accused the Netherlands and Germany 'Nazi methods' to apply.

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