Environment vignette France is almost mandatory

Environment vignette France is almost mandatory

World June 13, 2017 19:21

paris - The French environmental vignette Crit'Air is mandatory from 1 July for anyone who wants to drive around the country in the mileuzones. If you do not have a vignette, you can apply for a quicker one. That can take up to ten days.

With the vignette, France wants to pollute cars as far as possible from the cities. Crit'Air is made up of six colors: from green to electric cars, to gray, for cars from before 2000. The color you get depends on the year of registration, energy efficiency and vehicle emissions, Reports the latest news.

The French legislation has been in place since July 1, 2016. With this legislation, the country wants to reduce nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions. More and more French cities, such as Paris and Lyon, have already introduced zones. In September, more cities will follow, including Montpellier, Bordeaux and Lille.

Motorists who travel without vignette can count on a fine of 68 euros. The vignette costs only 4.80 euros and is only online for sale.

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