Enormous amphibious plane makes first flight

World December 24, 2017 05:33

beijing - The largest amphibious airplane ever made, the AG600 developed and built in China, has made its first successful flight. The aircraft rose for the \u0026 maiden flight \u0026 # x27; from the Zhuhai airport in Guangdong province on the coast of the South China Sea.

The Chinese state television showed images of the first flight of the aircraft. The AG600 is an important part of the large-scale renewal operation of the Chinese army's equipment.

Other Asian countries are looking with great interest at large-scale renewal and expansion of the Chinese military arsenal. In the arrival of the aircraft, they mainly see muscle bending with the aim of strengthening Chinese territorial claims on disputed areas in the region.

The development of the aircraft took eight years. The aircraft is about the same size as a Boeing 737, has four large propeller engines and can carry up to 50 passengers. It is primarily intended for rescue operations and the extinguishing of wildfires. It can brag 12.000 liters of water within 20 seconds to fight fires.

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