'Embassy fired '

'Embassy fired '

World January 7, 2016 14:07

riyadh - Tehran accuses Saudi Arabia, its Iranian embassy 'deliberately' to have bombed. Some guards of the building were injured. This threatens a new and dangerous escalation in the conflict between the two regional powers.

         A Saudi military spokesman says his country has launched an investigation into the claims of Iran. Warplanes shelled last night the capital Sanaa. According to the spokesman were those rocket attacks against installations of the Houti rebels. He added that the Shiite rebels regularly use abandoned embassies for their actions.
The tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran are running high after Riyadh last weekend a prominent Shiite cleric executed. In response, the Saudi embassy in Tehran was stormed. Riyad then decided to sever diplomatic and economic relations with Iran. The traffic between the two countries has been shut down.
Under pressure from the Saudis, other countries have also diplomatic action against Iran, including Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Iran today decided to suspend all imports of Saudi products.
There are already many more tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia, including on the conflict in Yemen. There expelled Iranian-backed rebels last year, the legitimate government of power. An Arab coalition, led by Riyadh, then launched an air and ground offensive in the poorest country in the Middle East. In addition, so far are certainly 6000 people were killed.

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