'Electoral systems hacked US states'

'Electoral systems hacked US states'

World August 29, 2016 16:54

- Hackers have two American states broke into databases where state stores information about voters.

Reported that Yahoo News Monday based on a confidential warning from the FBI.

In the document, the FBI does not say to what two states involved, but Yahoo announced on the basis of initiates that governs Arizona and Illinois. In Illinois, the hackers were able to make personal information of up to 200 000 voters booty. For the voter registration system was eventually shut down ten days. Arizona was installed malicious software, but no information stolen.
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According to Rich the Barger of IT security Treat Connect is one of the IP addresses that were used previously surfaced by the hackers on internet forums of Russian criminal hackers. The way the digital burglaries were committed resembles other hacks may have been the work of cybercriminals supported by Russia.

The FBI did not go into detail about the case.

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