Dying Naomi (22) laughed at by ambulance service

Dying Naomi (22) laughed at by ambulance service

World May 9, 2018 09:39

- A young woman from France died after the ambulance service did not take her call seriously. Due to the intense pain 22-year-old Naomi Musenga could hardly say a word. 'If you do not tell me what is going on, I will hang up', she was told.

In France, a big fuss arose about the case after a news site published the recording at the request of the victim's family.

You can hear how Naomi asks for help several times and indicates to have huge stomach pain. 'I think I'm going to die,' she says, after which the 22-year-old gets a very remarkable answer. 'Indeed, one day you will die, just like all of us. '

An ambulance was not sent by. Instead, the care worker discussed the conversation with a colleague. 'She told me she was dying, well that was to be heard by her voice!' Said the operator, laughing.

Naomi called the doctor's office, after which she got a doctor on the phone a few hours later. The doctor did send an ambulance. But the help came too late. In the hospital it appeared that several organs had failed after internal bleeding. Naomi had a cardiac arrest the same day and died.

The hospital in Strasbourg started an investigation after hearing the recordings. The relatives also asked the judicial authorities to carry out investigations. Naomi died on December 29.

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