Duterte promises to purchase Russian weapons

World November 10, 2017 13:36

danang - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte thanked Russia for the support his country received in combating Islamic terrorism. As a thanks for the support, Duterte promised to buy thousands of guns from Russia.

He did this during the Asian-American APEC conference in Vietnam, where also US President Donald Trump is present. Initially, the Philippines would buy 20,000 guns in the United States, but the US Senate stalled because of concerns about the human rights situation under Duterte in the Philippines. The president has often been accused of killing parties to drug dealers.

In addition to Russia, China has also improved relations with the Philippines due to possible arms deliveries. A military official in the Philippines said in an explanation that, due to quality, the country still strives to purchase arms purchases in the US but the material is found to be 'very expensive'.

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