Dutch witness, everyone started running

Dutch witness, everyone started running

World November 14, 2015 07:15

- The Dutch Suzan Yucel did not escape the attacks in Paris. She wanted to eat at the restaurant Le Petit Cambodge, where gunmen while later the guests took under fire.

" Two people not for us immediately got a table, so we had to wait twenty minutes. Then we decided to do a beer across the street. After about ten minutes we heard loud bangs and everyone started running. So you run with me. We had no idea what it was. While we ran, we heard popping again. We ran another restaurant, where, after about ten minutes, maybe fifteen heard that there were people shot, right in the restaurant where we would sit ", said the 28-year-old Amsterdam.

She did not see who fired or what they looked like. " I stood with my back to the restaurant to. When it started, everyone went running. You run along. " They heard no screams, the perpetrators nor victims. She has no idea why this restaurant was chosen as a target.

YĆ¼cel, which include works for AT5, was out with an acquaintance. " I was with a friend I had met at a fair picture. What I stand for a New York magazine. We decided together what to eat, I was here Thursday he walked along. " Now she is safe, with friends on the sixth floor of a building.

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