Dutch 'smart watch' successful financing

Dutch 'smart watch' successful financing

Tech November 24, 2015 13:45

- The Dutch company Trivoly has reached the goal of his smart watch project through funding site Kickstarter. Trivoly makes a gadget that of any normal watch can make a smart watch.

The Trivoly is a disk with built-in vibration motor, and LED light for the carrier- it can be put under a watch- on the height can be when he gets a notification on a paired phone. The creators had set a target of $ 100. 000 to pick up in order to start production. That amount is reached, though the campaign is not over yet. Interested parties can for the Kickstarter-rate purchase a Trivoly model. Then he will be in stores from February for € 99 or € 129, depending on the model. A spokesman for Trivoly has said that the successful Kickstarter campaign ensures that the company can start adding new features: This enables us to further accelerate our plans. Users asked for more fitness and health options so that we will add. Think of sleep monitoring and completely replace the fitness tracker. Moreover, we can also go to support the popular Chinese, Korean and Japanese apps. "

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