Dutch Internet more mobile

Dutch Internet more mobile

Tech November 17, 2016 10:54

arnhem - Dutch are the last two years use the Internet more and this increase is mainly due to smartphones. A report by the Foundation for Internet Domain Registration in the Netherlands (SIDN) that we Internet in 2016 average of 40 hours per month on a cell phone.

Another 23 hours we spend with a tablet in hand and our laptops and desktops are good for another 25 hours of internet per month. What is striking is that the number of Internet hours has declined the past two years on fixed computers, laptops and tablets. We surfing an average of 8 hours per month less on these devices. The time when we are online on a smartphone, has increased by 11 hours since 2014. This increase is mainly due to more and more elderly people have a smartphone.

Also in the app usage is a shift according to SIDN. For example, we use an average of fewer apps than two years ago, but we do make intensive use of the small selection of apps. Most of the time goes to Facebook and Google. It should be noted that it is multiple apps from the two companies. As WhatsApp is also counted as a Facebook app.

Email according to the domain administrators SIDN much less becoming popular. Especially young people find email subsidiary. Only 6 percent of the respondents still consider purchasing a domain name for a personal address. Older people (65+) here are just that more interested than two years ago.

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