Dutch in US late swimming for hurricane

Dutch in US late swimming for hurricane

World August 25, 2017 16:33

katy - Millions of people prepare for Hurricane Harvey, which may be one of the heaviest of the past twelve years in the US. The Dutch Anna Hollaar. She lives with her family in Katy, a suburb of Houston, and has experienced several hurricanes.

Hollaar 'We prepared ourselves. We are all at home. The schools are closed. We mainly expect a lot of rain, 'says Hollaar on Friday. 'Houston is in a kind of bowl and is often underwater in such storms. Everyone has taken precautions. All stores are empty and the water is on. '

'We are not afraid. That's what the people who live at the coast do. There the water gets really high. We live about 80 kilometers away and there is a chance that the storm will weaken. Especially Sunday is expected to be a lot of rain. We let our pool run empty to catch the amount of water, 'she jokes.

It is not the first storm that Hollaar experiences. The hurricane Allison in 2001 stays the most with her. 'Then everything was really underwater. 'The hurricane was heavily damaged in the state of Texas, with a dozen of deaths, 20,000 homes were destroyed and the damage amounted to over 1.2 billion euros.

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