Dutch for weeks stuck on ship

Dutch for weeks stuck on ship

World December 4, 2016 19:03

- A Groningen ship is already weeks for the coast of Gibraltar because the company is bankrupt. The crew can not make the ship, and food and water running out.

Groningen ship MS Pioneer of Flinter company, which recently went bankrupt. There are more ships to the chain, but they are in the port and therefore should have disembarked.

The mother of the captain and helmsman of the ship, Francis Lewis from Delfzijl, called the situation at RTV Noord 'inhuman'. ' There are eleven people on board, but there is almost no food and no water. They can no longer showering himself and the wax can not be done. They feel that they are in a prison. '

According to Lewis, there are two people on board who need medical help, but there should be no doctor on board.

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