Dutch company is lending iPhone X

Dutch company is lending iPhone X

Tech September 23, 2017 10:54

amsterdam - Buying a phone of over € 250 on payment, has automatically led to a BKR registration since this year. The Dutch Go Lemon offers an alternative: the lease phone.

Founder Bas van der Putten came to the idea because he had a monthly telecom budget at his employer, but could not get an advance in order to finance the purchase of a telephone. 'Then I thought, why are not we going to lease it?'

With this, Go Lemon wants to respond to the trend that products become services, and not for property but paid for use. After a successful test this year with the iPhone 7 and a small finance round, the company is now ready for the iPhone X, which is in store from the beginning of November.

Whoever buys the phone must spend at least € 1159 for it. The variant with more storage costs even € 1329. This most expensive variant offers Go Lemon for € 199, and a monthly fee of € 59. After one year, the agreement, which is not registered by the BKR, will terminate.

For those who want to earn money quickly, the construction is not the best option. The total cost after one year amounts to € 907. The chances are that the iPhone X of € 1329 is worth over € 700. Either way: whoever buys and puts the phone on the market a year later, has paid three quarters of what he would have paid for Go Lemon for one year.

But: you're at risk of breaking something, and a repair costs soon over € 200. Van der Putten acknowledges that Go Lemon is not a price fighter. 'We also have our costs, and can not now know whether or not the value falls over one year. We must all bear that in mind. '

In addition to the iPhone X, customers can also choose the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus. The Go Lemon model resembles Apple's Apple Upgrade Program, which allows customers to keep the latest phone at home for a fixed amount per month. However, the Upgrade Program is not available in the Netherlands.

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