Düsseldorf wants these high flats to be checked

Düsseldorf wants these high flats to be checked

World July 19, 2017 10:36

dusseldorf - The municipality of Düsseldorf wants owners of high-rise buildings to be checked in connection with fire safety. Reason is the huge fire in London, which puts a 24-storey building in light sheds on June 14 in a short period of time. The fire spread so quickly across the property as fire-hazardous materials were insulated.

In Düsseldorf, a municipality of more than 600,000 inhabitants, according to the authorities, 215 are tall flats or buildings higher than 22 meters. The head of the office planning of the municipality, Cornelia Zuschke, stressed Wednesday in the Rhine Post that all owners have the duty to check their fire safety properties and, if necessary, adjust them.

Previously a high building was evacuated in German Wuppertal. The municipality of Münster has already begun controlling seventy high flats. There is a danger of polystyrene, a type of pepper foam used in the insulation of facades.

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