Drunk Brazilian transports pigs in children's seats

World November 13, 2017 06:21

aragarcas - A 26-year-old Brazilian man was arrested last weekend because he had driven too hard. In addition, he seemed to have looked too deep in his eyes and did not wear a belt. On the backside two carcasses were in a baby seat, reported Brazilian media.

The police of the Brazilian village of Aragar├žas noticed that on the highway the volume in a car was very high and decided to give a stop sign. The driver fled after which a long pursuit was deployed. During the flight, the man eliminated the most dangerous caprices to be detained at last.

During the inspection, the police discovered that the car was sown with cans of beer and that two pigs were attached to the rear seat in child seats. The Brazilian has been charged with driving under influence, not wearing a seat belt and unsafe driving.

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