Drone brings medicine to hospital

Drone brings medicine to hospital

Tech June 15, 2017 20:39

finland - Students at TU Eindhoven presented a drone developed by them at the Máxima Medical Center, which should help the hospital to deliver medicines and transport blood samples. It is about the Blue Jay, a so-called domestic drone who flies through the hospital on his own and can perform assignments.

The Blue Jay is basically not dangerous for indoor use: the propellers are shielded and the device evades obstacles, such as patients in the hallway. By hanging sensors in the corners of the room, the drone knows where he is. Also, the drone is in a hurry. If someone accidentally stops running, the device will automatically recover.

To show how flexible the Blue Jay is, students set the drone for a game of butter-cheese-and-eggs with children. The drone takes the wooden game pieces out of your hand and places them on the board. The device can be used for many other things, for example, for heating and heating.

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