Driver driving 26 hours straight

Driver driving 26 hours straight

World July 22, 2016 17:36

darmstadt - The German police have drawn a workaholic behind the wheel at a nighttime traffic on the highway near Darmstadt. The severely fatigued truck driver was found to have sustained drove nearly 26 hours.,, He was the lawmen even grateful that they imposed him a mandatory rest period of nine hours, '' a spokesman said Friday.

During the same action was also achieved a notorious repeat offender of the road. This man was known to interferences with driving times and now had a ban for 45 hours.,, Before him stood the counter in fines for violation of work-rest regime at almost 50 000 in one month. '' The trucker was allowed to leave after payment of a deposit of 5,000 euros by taxi. The transport company for which he works, can also look forward to a letter from the judiciary.

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