Dozens of arrests in riots in Brussels

World November 15, 2017 19:33

brussels - In Brussels, about thirty people were arrested on Wednesday. The riots arose after the police had taken part in a meeting of a certain Vargasss92, which has many followers on Instagram and Snapchat. He is also detained.

The mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close, said to the VTM channel on Wednesday evening that the police had already got the situation under control.

Agents intervened Wednesday afternoon at a so-called flash mob on the Muntplein in Brussels. Young people threw in windows, damaged cars and set up other vandalisms. The crowd also attacked police vehicles. Initially, the police had to retire, but when officers let a water cannon arrive, it quickly became calmer. According to the mayor, the incidents were caused by rioters who had joined the Vargasss92 supporters.

Vargasss92 had called to meet in the square. The Frenchman had asked to keep it quiet. His arrival had already begun in other cities.

'Again inadmissible and incomprehensible violence in the center of Brussels, Interior Minister Jan Jambon responded. Prime Minister Charles Michel: 'There should be no impunity for violent offenders against the police. '

Saturday it was already after Morocco had placed itself for World Cup football. Even then, vandalism was caused and more than twenty agents were injured. Despite looting in stores, no arrests were made, which caused a lot of criticism. Only on Tuesday did the police pick up a rapper who, via Facebook, would have called for the riots.

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