Dover cliff dead brother and sister

Dover cliff dead brother and sister

World January 2, 2017 14:36

dover - Among the three killed on Sunday were found at the white cliffs of Dover are a brother and sister from about sixty years from Cheshire, in northwest England. Their bodies were found after a confused man was spotted at the edge of the cliff on New Year's Day. His body was recovered.

The man's fall sees the police as a suspect, but to declare the death of the brother and sister, the police are looking for witnesses. Presumably they are between Christmas and New Year's fallen over the edge. The duo wore dark rain gear and hiking equipment. Their death is unrelated to the death of the other person, a 40-year-old man from the neighborhood of Manchester.

After the tragedy, the call for a (voluntary) patrol the cliffs increased again. British media called the cliffs a suicide hotspot.

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