Doodrijder (18) was arrested with 'rich man's disease '

Doodrijder (18) was arrested with 'rich man's disease '

World December 29, 2015 07:49

- An American teenager who two years ago four people ran over but the cell is not in need thanks to the rich man's disease 'affluenza, is still arrested. The Texan was arrested in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico and firmly put, reports CNN.

The case called at that time considerable doubt. Ethan Couch (18) was 16 when he was in a drunken state and excess speed four men drove up. Yet he did not enter the cell. Because, as argued experts, Couch was so rich and pampered that he could not tell the difference between good and bad. Because of the (albeit unrecognized) disease affluenza he could not be held responsible for his actions.

However, he was given a suspended prison sentence with probation for ten years. Couch, however, violated one of the conditions that were attached to the sentence. He and his mother disappeared earlier this month, and could not be found for the authorities. Then an arrest warrant was issued. According to CNN, the arrested Couch is transferred from Mexico to the United States.

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