Dolphin mortality by massive aaipartij

Dolphin mortality by massive aaipartij

World February 18, 2016 14:28

- The Argentine seaside bathers last week baby dolphins taken from the ocean. Instead of assisting animals back into the sea, the crowd chose to pet them and take selfies. One of the dolphins died following dehydration.

BuzzFeed took pictures on
Facebook from the moment that one of the dolphins in the air was kept to take pictures. There are dozens of disaster tourists around the animal wanting to pet the dolphin. After this, the animal was left on the beach and found dead.

An Argentine branch of the World Wildlife Fund is still not sure whether the dolphin died by the crowd, or the animal washed ashore dead.

The small dolphins that washed his La Plata dolphin. These are only found in the South American coast. It is a protected species.

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