Dogs finished after they ate owner (22)

World December 20, 2017 21:51

goochland - Two dogs were killed after they had eaten from their 22-year-old owner. Agents from the American Goochland found Bethany Lynn Stephens in a pool of blood while one of the dogs was gnawing at her rib cage.

On Thursday night, Bethany's father discovered her in a deserted area in Goochland, located in the US state of Virginia. He immediately turned to the police.

Agents who came on the spot saw how dogs circled around the body. One of the dogs was gnawing at the body. When she had chased away the dog, they discovered several dog bites on the body.

Reporters on the spot received photographs of the body from the police. For this they had received permission from the family.

On the pictures you could see that the clothes of the woman were torn apart. The clothes were spread over a large area. The dogs were found to have blood on their fur.

According to sherifff Jim Agnew, the first medical examinations show that a not so large animal had bitten Stephens. Her skull was not penetrated. Agnew implied Monday at a press conference that the dogs the presumed cause of her death, according to the local channel NBC12.

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