Dog gives life for baby

Dog gives life for baby

World August 22, 2016 12:42

baltimore - With his body to shield a baby from a fierce fire has dog Polo eight-month-old Viviana undoubtedly saved lives. The dog itself the inferno did not survive.

According to Erika Poremski, the mother of Viviana, she was only briefly walked outside to get something from the car, then broke into her home in Baltimore fire. The mother was not home anymore, where her daughter and the faithful Polo (5 years) were trapped.

'I kept trying to get in,' the mother told CBS News. 'They were up, but I could not get there. 'Her efforts resulted in burns to her hands and her face. When firefighters arrived, they met up the lifeless body of the dog, the baby covered. The baby did have burns, but could be brought on site. She is still being treated.
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That the dog has been to protect the child suffers according to the mother no doubt. 'Polo had enough time to flee. '

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