'Dog died of broken heart'

World November 20, 2017 22:18

palonegro - A dog reportedly died of a broken heart when she was left behind by her owner at an airport in Colombia.

The beast wandered for a month in the terminal of the Colombian airfield Palonegro. She waited for her owner to return. But eventually she gave up and crawled into a corner of the airport. This is what Daily Mirror reports.

Staff from the airport and casual passers-by tried to feed the poor animal, but they systematically refused. Eventually a vet was called, but the creature was so malnourished that she could hardly stand.

Despite the fact that the dog was given food and medication, her physical and mental condition deteriorated. Eventually she died. The dog received the name Dolende Wolk from veterinarians who treated her.

According to the Colombian RCN she was not a stray dog. 'Our hypothesis is that a traveler has left her. In the month that the dog was camping at the airport, she was searching in several halls for someone, perhaps her owner. The long wait caused her health to deteriorate further and further, resulting in her death. '

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