'Do not breed with grandma'

'Do not breed with grandma'

World September 20, 2018 17:48

livingston - Judy Cochran was heartbroken. Three years ago the dwarf pony of this Texan disappeared mysteriously. The woman, who is the mayor of Livingston just north of Houston, had an idea who was responsible for the disappearance.

And this week Cochran got the suspect for the barrel of her shotgun. A four-meter-long, more than 260 kilo heavy alligator roamed through the creeks around Livingston. The animal was so huge compared to its peers in the area that he must be the killer of the dwarf pony.

The mayor of Livingston is of course setting a good example to her citizens, so Cochran could not just pull the trigger. For example, she needed a special permit and the alligator first had to be caught with a fishing line.

But when these conditions were met, Cochran could take revenge. She put on, aimed at the head of the alligator and shot. 'One shot in the head and he disappeared under water. Normally they do a 'death roll' where they spin around their axis a number of times, but they did not do that ', she told a local television station.

Cochran considers sustainability to be of paramount importance, so nothing of the alligator is lost: 'A preparer will process it. We eat the meat ourselves, the head goes on the wall and I hang up my tail in my office. Furthermore, we want to tanning the skin so that we can make boots out of it. '

If there are any misunderstandings about it, then Cochran summarizes himself concisely: 'Do not breed with grandmother. '

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