Diver 7.5 miles chased by tiger shark

World October 23, 2017 16:00

perth - The fact that British diver John Craig, 34, can tell this story after all, may be a miracle. Last Friday he drove down from his boat in Western Australia, but when he got up again, his boat was gone. And a shark in the aftermath...

Craig claims that in the end he had to swim 7.5 miles to reach the coast, with- for a quarter of a quarter- a four-meter tiger shark in his wake. 'He was curious and came very close to me. He kept swimming for me from different sides, 'he told BBC.

The diver continues: 'I tried to figure out what was exactly and whether I could be on his menu. It was scary. I thought I'd be eaten in the middle of nowhere. The shark kept me following. 'During this' trip ', Craig was deadly angry. 'I thought,' It's done to me, so I'm going to die. ' '

To resist a possible attack of the shark, he kept his harpoon on the beast. When he noticed a red cliff in the distance, he swam up that direction and landed at the Francois Perron National Park. It seemed to Craig as if the shark escorted to the coast. But suddenly the tiger shark was gone.

Craig was at the speeding fish in the waters of Shark Bay and his friend stayed on the boat. His own boat apparently had technical problems.

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