Diver (68) survives night in ocean

Diver (68) survives night in ocean

World November 7, 2016 10:09

- A stray 68-year-old Australian diver was rescued after a perilous adventure of 17 hours from the ocean. The man went on his own diving at a wreck off the coast of Queensland, but he drifted away by the strong current and he had to spend the night at sea.

The Coast Guard Monday circulated video footage of the rescue. To hear how a rescuer raised greeted the man striking. 'Good day guy, you need a ride?' He had drifted nearly 20 kilometers. There were hours searching for him with three helicopters and a plane.

the man's friends had beaten alarm when they were in the evening his empty boat saw. The people of the coast guard to call it a miracle that they found the man. For the Australian coast swimmers are regularly attacked by sharks.

The diver had a few days ago cleaned his equipment and had then forgotten to reassemble the GPS. He makes it to good conditions.

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