Dispel the Nexit-ghost

Dispel the Nexit-ghost

World June 25, 2016 08:42

- British voters have written on June 23, 2016 history. With 17.4 million votes 'Leave' at 16.1 million votes 'Remain' was chosen to join the EU.

This majority was thus clear that they do not believe the doomsday scenarios of a departure for which the 'continue' warned camp. Nbsp;

According to these scenarios, the British economy would fall into recession, the pound would lose much of its value, companies would leave the UK and the British are less prosperous. Nbsp;
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The first analysis of the results shows that many 'Leave electors' the migration problem has been decisive, but also nbsp; the dislike of Brussels and the emotion of 'freedom'.

With Brexit they want to make it possible for the UK, not hindered by EU regulations may close the borders to migrants. The analysis also shows that the voter population of the 'Leave' camp and the 'Remain' camp 'significantly different from each other. 'Leave' is dominated by less educated and older people who long for the past when they thought the UK was an independent world power.

Also, voters living in rural areas, have opted majority for leaving the EU. Besides that, in the media 'Leave '- voters clearly that they are the elite and establishment wanted to teach a lesson.

Now the British have opted for a departure, is as we wrote in our last column, there is only one solution possible. The 27 EU countries urgently need to say goodbye to the British and immediately started with a radical reform of the EU: more national and less Brussels. Nbsp;

A quick departure from the UK is required to minimize the damage to the EU economy. The EU should therefore not give the British a chance to stretch as long as possible the negotiations on the division of property.

Startled by the collapse of the British pound, the lowest rate in three decades, they are now nbsp; began stalling. Only in October, led by a new prime minister, probably Boris Johnson, the Brexitkamp will talk with the EU about the resignation.

For the European economy this decision makes great damage. Therefore, the EU leaders should not accept the delay tactics of the British. Moreover as soon as possible clarity on the possibility of a new favorable trade treaty between the UK and the EU, Boris Johnson has promised to 'Leave'. Nbsp;

Brussels must all leave now the UK know that the EU, it currently has no need. That creates clarity and takes false expectations away. If the UK is officially retired, the possibility of a convention could be reconsidered and that is sure to be much less favorable to the British than the treatment accorded to EU countries.

According to calculations by the Central Planning Bureau (CPB) Brexit lead our economy to a loss of 10 billion euros. The Rutte 2 It, therefore, to speed with industry to sit down to explore possible maatrelen that this cost can be reduced.

At the same time can also be seen what opportunities Brexit nbsp; offers to take over the UK trading positions within the EU and companies helping leave the UK welcome. The Netherlands should also be aware that the UK outside the EU is no longer bound by restrictive provisions in Brussels in the field of taxation and the labor market.

Thus, the already fierce tax competition is now between our country and the UK are definitely going to increase, which the British seem to have the best credentials.

Within the EU, given the outcome of the so-Ukraine referendum, watched with some concern for a possible Nexit. Geert Wilders has announced immediately after the rash Brexit already Nexit referendum and is it an election issue nbsp; for the parliamentary elections in 2017. nbsp;

Based on our current legislation such referendum is not possible. Moreover, there is no parliamentary majority to make it legally possible, but this must be other parties that the EU advocates are not be lulled to sleep. Nexit is now on the political agenda.

The British referendum has shown that the sketches of doomsday scenarios is not a good approach to convince Nexit supporters of their heads. During Brexitcampagne were hard facts and figures about the negative consequences of 'Leave' ignored by the Brexitkamp and easily dismissed as scaremongering and EU propaganda.

The Nexit ghost can only be combated with clear reforms within the EU, leading to much less Brussels. In addition, the EU proponents must explain better why the Netherlands should stay and not only will lose this position outside the EU as a trading country member of the EU, but also companies that provide our jobs.

Nexit also advocates should be asked to explain how and by what measures they want to improve the current welfare in the Netherlands after a Nexit. This may be referred to Wilders' statement in which he acknowledges that the Dutch economy at Nexit the first years strong blows will increase, but according to him, will operate then our economy better than before Nexit.

Because we need companies before, this is a bold prediction. Wilders has spent his entire working life working under the banner of the government and politics and the business he knows only from the newspapers, and he does not fail them deliver. Moreover, he is interpreted as harmful to the business environment because of his political appearances.

Even hardened Nexit supporters should give thought this, especially because Wilders with this nice weather forecast all alone. On Friday, June 24th, 2016 the supporters of Nexit started their campaign. Nbsp;

Opponents of Nexit should not make the mistake of 'Remain' campaign by late start: they thought it was not necessary yet.

Parties that their election pro a (reformed) EU must convey that all go now.

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