Disgust for Russian 'caviar struggle'

Disgust for Russian 'caviar struggle'

World August 17, 2016 10:00

moscow - An extravagant party of Russian bank bigwigs and politicians is quite mangled on social media. The highlight of the festival was a game of mud wrestling at it's Russian, in which two half-naked models in a bath with black caviar had to compete against each other.

Several politicians reacted with horror. 'Bankers are getting richer, people getting poorer. They swim in money while they produce nothing, 'Vyascheslav Tetekin passage of the Russian Communist Party know. Also on YouTube, where the video has now been viewed over 100 000 times, it is quite loose.

One model, the dollar was supposed to be the other woman the Russian ruble. The two circled around each other in an inflatable pool filled with 159 liters of caviar, exactly the same content as a barrel of oil, the engine of the Russian economy. Or caviar was really, is not clear. When it actually comes to 159 liters of the 'black gold' the wrestling would have cost 1 million dollars, reported Russian media.
     'Foreign envy Maxima '
     'Help, my car does not exist!'
     Schlitterbahn Kansas City

The event was organized on August 4 because of the 700th anniversary of the Russian currency, took place in one of the most expensive hotels in Moscow. The aim of the party was to find sponsors for the great 'ruble party' in October, to be held in the Kremlin.

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