Disappeared marathoner found

Disappeared marathoner found

World November 4, 2015 17:45

- An Italian participant in the New York marathon which had disappeared after finishing, is again justified. An officer found the 30-year Gianclaudio Marengo Tuesday morning shivering in the subway.

Marengo, a former junkie who participated in the context of his drug rehabilitation in the marathon, had a huge dose of bad luck. During the marathon, he had lost his course mates. And not only that: a map of the underground and the address of his hotel had vanished, says the medical supervisor of the Italian on the New York Times. Ask for help, he could not, because he does not speak a word of English. Vagabond Marengo therefore brought forced the night in Central Park. On Monday he had good hopes to find his companions again, because that day would fly back to Italy from JFK airport. The Italian took the subway to the airport, but there he was soon removed by guards. They thought he looked like a bum and forced him to leave the airport. There was nothing for the runner to run laps in the subway. That struck a policeman Marengo Tuesday morning, still in his running togs. The cop recognized the Italian because he happened to have just read an article about his disappearance. " He was literally right in front of me ", said the agent. The agent bought a cup of coffee and a donut for Marengo, and then took him to the hospital for a check-up. Wednesday the runner still is flying back to Italy.

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