Dimmed Hamburg scared of riots

Dimmed Hamburg scared of riots

World July 6, 2017 16:24

hamburg - Half Hamburg is kicked off for the G20 summit, which will start officially only tomorrow. But tonight the proud harbor city is already expecting heavy riots at the extreme-left demonstration 'Welcome to hell'. Shops are clogged, people flee the city massively.

Reporter Daniel van Dam is on his way to Hamburg and reports on the situation in the German port city during the summit. His tweets are read at the bottom of this article.

In the hermetically sealed exhibition halls, directly opposite the Russian Orthodox Church, world leaders like Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump will meet for the first time tomorrow. But burglars and shopkeepers in the picturesque Karolingen district have their belly already full of it.

'This evening, left-wing radicals will put a lot of effort on it. Last time they were already drunk over our car, 'said a Turkish mother. In the Karolingenstraße, a smart landlord has secured a whole courtyard with a building ladder and a steel door with code for the residents built there.

'A good idea,' says a young, blond mother with child. 'Otherwise, they're jumping the building material and throwing it to the police. 'The authorities count on nearly ten thousand riders who come by trains and buses, also from abroad. At the borders is checked. The police themselves are present with twenty thousand men for safety.

Hamburg has been in fear for days. 'Unfortunately, we just have to stay open,' says pharmacy Frau Schmidt. 'Because emergency care for citizens, and also the protesters, must be guaranteed. 'However, her neighbor Friederike Baigent fled the city for three days. 'Too dangerous here,' says the young teacher and takes care of her children.

Just after, in the Marktstraße, almost all shops are closed. The revenue loss in the city through the G20 summit is estimated at EUR 15 million. Therefore, three-quarters of the metropolis according to the daily newspaper Hamburger Morgenpost is against the exclusive meeting of world leaders.

To many houses are posters: 'Make Love, Not G20', 'Bread instead of G20', or 'Geh 20 Meilen weiter!' The citizens live here in a Sperrzone, like behind the former Iron Curtain, everything is with heavy rock Protected against attacks. Nearly forty square kilometers of the city area has been deposited, which can not be demonstrated. The police checks everything, has floodlights, helicopters and armored vehicles.

Axel Kullik is sober, especially for the police. 'If the agents get serious violence, this can cause psychological problems. That's why I'm here, 'says the dominee from Oldenburg. For the protesters he has no good word about: 'Those who think they are improving the world but do not listen to the arguments of others. They think they are something better and out of reality, 'said the soulknife with a green hing.

At the Chiachov district, Vroni lives with her family. She studied art in Enschede. 'Everything goes well here, schools, crèches and entire companies send their staff home. I'm being driven out of my own city! '

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