'Difficult? Only questions 1 through 31 '

'Difficult? Only questions 1 through 31 '

World May 11, 2017 19:54

- The vwo exam Management and Organization this afternoon has been experienced by the candidates as a lot easier than the 'horror exam' Dutch. 'A good, current and modern exam,' concludes Johan Krab of the Alkmaar Jan Arentsz lecturer Johan Krab.

Havists left Dutch and, although according to Professor Willard Mans, this was a much more accessible exam than at the VWO, the complaints flowed at the LAKS. Certainly a quarter of the harbors (15,000) found the exam far too difficult. 'Still, it's really a very different exam than that of the vwo. That was a great deal for them, 'Mans said.

And that's clear. At the LAKS, the old 'complaints record' of havo Engels from 2016 (26. 104 pieces) was broken today by more than 27,400 complaints about the long and difficult Dutch exam at the vwo. After two exam days, the numerator is already in charge of the 50,000 complaints.

Although the Vwo'ers Dino and Bas say in a first reaction that M \u0026 O was a terribly difficult exam, when asked by teacher Krab, it seems to be a bit of a problem with the boys. 'What did you find really tricky questions,' Crab wants to know. 'Now ask 1 through 31,' jokes Bas. He continues: 'You can interview me best, but not if you are from the NRC. What were those texts from the newspaper yesterday difficult at the Dutch exam. '\n  \n   \n    \n    \n   \n   \n   \n      \n   \n     Teacher Johan Crab with students Sanne, Lieke, Dino and Bas.\n    \n   \n     Photo: BEAUTIFUL MARTIN

M \u0026 O has requested a bank that is in payment issues and needs government support. The second is about a company in speeddates. But Sanne did not like the question about speed dating. 'I just did not get it. And I'm babbling there. Because I went for a ten because I now stand 9.1. But now I've skipped something, I do not get it. '

Lieke analyzes the M \u0026 O exam: 'Objectively, it was good to do, but I doubted a lot. Whether it went well is just the question. 'Dino did not understand the latest question about cheeses and the stock valuation:' Really superfast. '

Teacher Crab finds that the sources consisted of not too long lapping text. 'Good readable for the candidates. And what was striking was: just giving up on commercial companies. In previous years there were also foundations and associations. I think it's all right, but I also said that last year and then there was a very strict standard. '

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