Dibs Hard debate Clinton Trump

Dibs Hard debate Clinton Trump

World October 10, 2016 05:03

- It was right from the start fireworks in the second presidential debate. Donald Trump opted for the full counterattack, now he is under fire made by a leaked video showing his sexist remarks.

In the first debate Trump opted for not to mention the affairs of Bill Clinton as daughter Chelsea was in the audience. Now she was with her father back in action, but kept the real estate tycoon not stand to loose.

Just before the debate began was the Republican presidential candidate four women invited who accuse Bill Clinton of sexual assault, which the show was put directly to a hard-fought debate.

Advance could therefore not hand from between two gamecocks. And then started mudslinging. It was planned that in the second debate, called a town hall where also may ask the public, the concerns of US citizens would be central.

But it was mainly about the candidates themselves. Trump suggested at one point even that he will appoint a special prosecutor once he becomes president to explain the conduct of Clinton, he finds a fraud.

Clinton peppered her turn to be the businessman in a racist and sexist. She said to understand that Trump divisive attempts to sow now revamp his campaign on state and prominent Republicans turn their backs on him after the leaked video.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

Trump seems to have gotten his attacks on each other to somewhat take attention that movie. But it will only be for short. If there appeared to be a thing of the debate, it is that the real war is between the two rivals. The irritation shone it down, and go until the elections will squabble only increase by a few exciting weeks.

Since the last question from the audience also changed nothing anymore, when a man wondered if she could say something positive about each other. Clinton praised the family Trump and the businessman had a compliment for her perseverance. But that was it, though it was the end of the debate suddenly still a hand, though it was not warm.

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