Detention for disappearance Sabrina Oosterbeek

Detention for disappearance Sabrina Oosterbeek

World June 27, 2017 12:18

amsterdam - The police arrested a 44-year-old Amsterdammer this morning for the disappearance of Sabrina Oosterbeek. In-house housing has been conducted extensively. Sabrina is still missing and the police suspect her happened to something serious.

For months, 30-year-old Sabrina Oosterbeek, who was last seen on camera images of 7 to 8 March, was in the elevator of her flat on the Geldershoofd in Zuidoost. Then she can see how she walks up the street around a quarter to three at night. Sabrina had a drug problem.

On Tuesday 9th May a great search took place near her home. The research team then searched for her personal items, such as a white shoulder bag and a phone. Those were not found.

Sabrina Oosterbeek, born in 1986, received a diagnosis borderline as a child; A personality disorder caused by mood swings. She could be particularly sweet and funny, but also angry or aggressive, telling her sister in the TV program Detection Requested.

The man is still in insured custody.

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