Deposition seems inevitable for Rousseff

Deposition seems inevitable for Rousseff

World August 22, 2016 15:36

- The fate of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff seems sealed. The Senate begins Thursday with the last part of the impeachment against the first female president of the country. Chances are that they will soon no longer in office.

Rousseff is accused that she spent money without the consent of Congress and they ended unauthorized loans at state banks to present favorable budget just before the elections in 2014. She is not accused of self-enrichment.

The president strongly opposes the allegations, which in her eyes is a cover for a coup by right. They overtook the word coup in the mouth, a loaded term in South America.
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The opponents of Rousseff require a two-thirds majority to send her the avenue. In the vote earlier this month about the next step in the procedure, Rousseff accused was argued, such a majority was easily achieved. When 59 Congressmen voted for, while Rousseff is seen supported by only 21 parliamentarians.

Since the beginning of the procedure Rousseff is perceived by its former Vice President Michel Temer. He and other proponents of the impeachment itself seem to have clean hands. According to proponents of the head of state is the procedure an attempt to address accusations of their own silence.

When Congress finally approves in September on the deposition and indeed Rousseff must step down, Temer is formally president until the end of the period in 2018 has said himself after failing to stand for election, the 75-year-old interim president.

If Rousseff can stay still, they will want early elections a referendum asking whether the Brazilians. Polls show that 62 percent of the people see early elections as a way out of the political crisis. The same polls, however, indicate clearly the Rousseff the people do not want to go back.

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