Demonstrators Dakota: we have not yet won

Demonstrators Dakota: we have not yet won

World December 5, 2016 17:39

- Protesters against a controversial oil pipeline through the territory of an American Indian tribe responded cautiously to the news that the plan needs to be overhauled. They fear that the next US government will still give the green light for the construction of the pipeline.

Members of the Sioux tribe from Standing Rock and their thousands of supporters celebrated Sunday's victory in North Dakota. The genius corps of the US Army, which oversees the project billion, had been able to give consent for the proposed route.

The celebration was short-lived. The company that constructs the pipeline, Energy Transfer Partners, showed to have no intention late Sunday managed to find another route. The team surrounding the upcoming presidential Donald Trump gave the decision again to stop the light.

Several activists said they feared Monday that the decision of the genius corps means no more than a pause. The oil pipeline is already finished in principle. Only missing part of one and a half kilometers below the Oahe Lake.

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