Demented elderly threw 1.3 tons in the Danube

Demented elderly threw 1.3 tons in the Danube

World December 11, 2015 17:42

- The mystery seems to be solved around the notes floating in the Danube in Austria. A demented elderly man between the eighties and nineties turns the 130,000 euro have thrown in an arm of the river.

According to Austrian media Friday, the old man by a witness saw when he saw a bag emptied into the Danube. The first study had shown that the money did not come from criminal activities in the area.

The money is now provided with the lost property office of the municipality of Vienna. Or a boy who is now making money first discovered probability finder's fee, is not clear. He was busy last weekend to fish the bills from the water when the police arrived. In Austria, anyone who takes cash and the police will be entitled to a part, if the owner is not found within one year.

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