Deel Lagerhuis wants the last word about brexit

World November 14, 2017 07:27

london - The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, is trying to rescue the law that must lead to European Union retirement by launching the House of Commons on Tuesday. This is not expected to be without striking or pushing. Within the ranks of her own Conservative Party, the support for the Prime Minister is ravaging, while Labor insists that the House of Commons admit to the deal that the EU and Britain eventually end.

The biggest opposition party would like to prevent May agreeing to a hard brexit without any agreements for example for the position of EU citizens in Britain or the situation at the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. Labor also wants the European Court of Justice to control over the transitional period because that court has to pronounce on the brexit deal. According to the draft law, the Court has already ceased to vote after the transition period.

A hard brexit, according to the opponents, is totally unacceptable and should lead to the immediate rise of the May government.

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