Declaration to revile shooter Munich

Declaration to revile shooter Munich

World August 4, 2016 08:15

- Against a man from Munich who assassin Ali David Sonboly scolded two weeks ago, was registered. The one who went to the police, thinks the man should be prosecuted for defamation because of the expletives he used German media reported Wednesday. Prosecutor investigating the case.

Eighteen-year-old offender shot at a shopping center in the southern German city of nine people dead, only to commit suicide. The 57-year-old man charged with now was registered, saw it happen from his balcony. He scolded the gunman and threw a beer bottle in his direction. The diatribe happened to hear in a video which was a neighbor.

The Prosecution informed the local Tageszeitung and Die Welt that it looks as though the abusive husband,, had no influence on the deed. ' So the complaint is tantamount to insulting,, a now deceased person '.
     Sylvie's husband is wealthy oil magnate
     Prisoners steeds guard together
     Golfers fight each other

The perpetrator, who had Iranian parents did, according to German media racist ideas. He read before he went into his act about other killers, including Anders Breivik. He would have spoken proudly about his birth: April 20, just as Adolf Hitler.

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